Pregnancy Tips For Normal Delivery

Pregnancy Tips For Normal Delivery
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Pregnancy is a roller-coaster experience for all women. The physical and emotional changes they undergo during this period can be stressful and overwhelming.

Normal or cesarean delivery? This is one of the most frequent questions they ask when they visit their doctor for routine checkups. C-sections can be scary for some women, and unless some health complications prevent it, most of them prefer to have a normal delivery during childbirth.

So, are there some measures women can take to increase their chances of a normal delivery? Yes, there are some things they can do. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks that women can follow to have a healthy, normal delivery. These tips will ensure that both the mother and the baby are safe before, during, and after the delivery.

17 Easy Tips You Need to Know for a Normal Delivery

Take childbirth education classes

Awareness is key to understanding anything. Attend childbirth education classes and know everything you can and cannot do during your pregnancy. You can also communicate with fellow to-be-mothers who are going through the same things you do.

Many second or third-time mothers will also be there during the classes. You can learn about their past experience and gain valuable insights into the ins and outs of pregnancy.

Keep your diet healthy and nutritious for normal delivery

Know that your healthy body is the foundation for the baby’s healthy development. They get the nutrients they need from the foods you take. Always maintain a healthy diet and abstain from unhealthy foods like junk or processed foods.

This will also help nourish your body and prepare it for a normal delivery. A healthy mother and a healthy baby increase the chances of having a normal delivery.

Convey your wish to go for normal delivery

Sometimes, your Obstetrician might think that you wish to undergo a C-section to avoid pain during normal delivery. It is best to open up to your Obstetrician and convey your wish to undergo a normal delivery.

This will help avoid confusion, and you can also discuss and get some valuable health tips to prepare for a normal delivery from your doctor.

Regular exercise prepares the body for normal delivery

Most women nowadays lead a sedentary lifestyle during pregnancy. This is one important factor that decreases the chances of a normal delivery.

Regular, mild exercises help improve stamina and allow you to bear labor pain. They will make your body more flexible and strengthen your pelvic floor for childbirth. This decreases the need for a C-section.

Avoid childbirth negative stories that demotivate you from normal delivery

Remember that positivity and confidence are crucial to get through normal delivery. There will be many people who will discourage you from normal delivery and say that a C-section is better.

Don’t listen to them. If you want to have a normal delivery, stay firm on your decision and don’t let others influence it.

Be patient while letting the baby decide on the due date

Your baby knows when it has stayed enough in your tummy and wants to come out. Your body will naturally start inducing labor when your baby is ready for delivery.

Your doctor usually gives a due date some days before the estimated delivery. This is to ensure no accidents happen and you are at the hospital if you have labor one or two days before. So, be patient and don’t panic if you don’t have labor on the given date. Wait for one or two days before seeking medical attention.

Avoid ultrasound during the last month of pregnancy

Some studies have shown that taking an ultrasound during the last stages of pregnancy increases the detection of false anomalies. This might make doctors fearful and feel that C-sections will be better than normal delivery. So, avoid taking an ultrasound during the last month of your pregnancy.

Have a proper and adequate sleep

A good and healthy amount of sleep is essential to help your body stay refreshed and rejuvenate its health. Have adequate sleep and focus on nourishing your body instead of thinking about normal delivery or C-section.

Read and talk- acquire knowledge about childbirth

There will be many mothers who have had the same dilemma you are facing now: normal delivery or C-section. Try to gather as much information about their experience by talking to them or reading articles that describe their experience.

Learn what you need to know and prepare yourself for the delivery. Don’t think too much about it and overwhelm yourself.

Build a strong support system

There is nothing more encouraging than some supporting words from your loved ones. Build a strong support system with all the people you consider important in your life. Their support and encouragement can make pregnancy more bearable and make you mentally ready for a normal delivery.

Be wise in choosing your doctor for delivery

Choose a doctor who is patient enough to listen to your wish and does not rush you to get a C-section. Some doctors do that for profit and convenience. Change your doctor if they do not respect your wish to undergo a normal delivery.

Stay away from stress

Stress is a big no-no during pregnancy. Stay calm and relaxed, and let your baby develop peacefully. You can undergo relaxation exercises like yoga, meditation, etc., for good peace of mind.

Stay positive and stop panicking

Positivity is key to anything you do. It is normal for you to feel anxious and doubt your choice regarding a normal delivery. But try to stay positive and believe you and your baby will get through this phase without any issues.

Try not to put on excess weight

Most pregnant women gain weight during their pregnancy but try not to gain too much weight as it can negatively impact your health and decrease chances of a normal delivery.

Obesity will also make it difficult to monitor the development of the baby. So, maintain a good body weight by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.

Positioning your baby

The baby must be in the right position with its head near the pelvis to facilitate normal delivery. You can position your baby by regularly kneeling on the floor over a birthing ball or with a chair. This can turn the baby and bring it to the right position.

Breathe right

Deep breathing is vital during normal delivery. A slow and deep breath can help release tension in your muscles and make the cervix dilate. This can help with uterine contractions during delivery and help you cope with labor pain.

Include bromelain-rich foods in your diet

Bromelain is an enzyme that helps soften the cervix and stimulates labor. Fruits like pineapples and mangoes are high in bromelain and can help during labor. Avoid excess consumption, as it can sometimes cause premature labor.


You can follow the above tips to maintain your and your baby’s health and ensure a healthy, normal delivery. Remember that your health is very important no matter what delivery method you choose. Only choose normal delivery if your body will allow it. Don’t put yourself in danger when you know your body can’t handle it.


Labor pain starts with small contractions in the uterine muscles and pressure on the cervix. The pain gradually increases over time. Labor usually feels like a string cramping in the abdomen, back, and groin areas.

Yes, you can eat before labor. But make sure the food is easy to eat and digest. It should also be able to give you the energy you need for labor. Avoid high-fat, spicy, and greasy foods before labor. They might be difficult to digest.

You can look out for some signs to know if you are having labor.

  • Strong and regular contractions.
  • Increase in vaginal discharge (it can be pinkish, clear, or slightly bloody)
  • Increasing pain in the belly and lower back.
  • Your water breaks.
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