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Treat Your Fertility Issues & Get Your Two Pink Lines

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Are you pregnant and wishing to have a normal delivery? Then, you must be on the lookout for the best doctor to help you undergo a smooth and less painful normal delivery. As you already know, normal delivery is quite a painful procedure. It is like a new birth to women. There is no way to make the procedure completely painless. However, with the best obstetrician to support you, you can definitely make it more comfortable and as painless as possible.

Why Normal Delivery Is Preferred

You might have heard many people say that normal delivery is the best and better than a C-section. They will say that a vaginal birth is good for both the mother and baby. But what exactly about the procedure is good? And what advantage do the mother and baby have if they prefer a normal delivery over a cesarean? Let’s find out.

Quicker Recovery

If you wish for a quicker recovery and want to go home soon, then a normal delivery is your best bet. A normal delivery requires a minimal hospital stay, and you can leave for your home after a few days of observation.

Pain level

You might argue that a normal delivery is more painful than a C-section. Yes, it is more painful. However, the pain lasts only a short time and will subside soon. On the other hand, if you had a Cesarean, you will feel pain and discomfort for many days or weeks after the procedure.

A personal bond between the mother and baby

You know how much you will go through to bring your little one safely into this world. This experience will strengthen the bond you have with your baby and bring you closer.

Reduced risk of complications for the mother

Studies prove that the mother has minimal chances of complications in a vaginal delivery. A C-section is a complicated procedure and might sometimes lead to complications in the future.

Reduced risk of complications for the baby

Did you know? A vaginal birth is also beneficial for the baby. The hormones that your body produces during a normal delivery help prepare your baby for birth. This reduces the risk of breathing difficulties during childbirth.

Choosing The Right Obstetrician For Normal Delivery

Normal delivery is a unique and special journey for every woman. You need to choose the best obstetrician out there to ensure you have a safe and comfortable delivery experience.
Here are some factors you need to consider before choosing your obstetrician for a normal delivery.


The more experienced your doctor is, the better they can care for you during your labor. So, ensure you choose an obstetrician who has ample experience handling normal delivery.

Success rate

More than experience, a doctor’s success rate is very important in determining whether they can support you during your vaginal birth. So, do your research, analyze their success rate, and then visit them for your delivery.

Past patient reviews

There is no better way to understand a doctor’s expertise than from their past patients. So, look for patient reviews and testimonials on Google or the doctor’s website.

Personal approach to patient care

Normal delivery is a very sensitive issue. You need an obstetrician who can handle it with empathy and consideration. You will mostly realize how a doctor is when you visit them for your pregnancy checkups. So, choose a doctor who is considerate and has a personal approach to your delivery. Now, let’s look at what your obstetrician will do to prepare you for your delivery.

Preparation For Normal Delivery

Want to experience minimal pain during labor and deliver your baby without complication? Then, you need to first prepare yourself mentally and physically for childbirth. Don’t worry. Your obstetrician will be there to guide you. Here are some tips your obstetrician might give to prepare you for your normal delivery.

Labor And Delivery Care

As you already know, childbirth is the most painful experience a person can undergo. It is normal for you to expect a smooth journey without too much pain and suffering. Your obstetrician will stay with you during your delivery and give you advice on pain management and emotional support to help you get through this phase without any complications.

Pain management

There are many pain management techniques available during labor, like medications, aromatherapy, using a birthing ball, etc. Your doctor will suggest the best one that can help you overcome the pain.

Monitoring techniques

Your doctor will also use certain monitoring devices like ultrasound to assess how far you and your baby are in childbirth. g a birthing ball, etc. Your doctor will suggest the best one that can help you overcome the pain.

Post-Delivery Care And Recovery

Your obstetrician does not leave you after your normal delivery. They will stay with you until you recover from the experience and can go about with your daily life.
You will also be given advice and tips on healthy recovery and breastfeeding. Your doctor will also take regular postnatal checkups to ensure you are healthy and are recovering well.

Why Choose Dr. Rukkayal Fathima For Your Normal Delivery

Dr. Rukkayal Fathima MBBS., MS (OG), MRCOG (UK), FRM (Kiels University)

Dr. Rukkayal Fathima is one of the best obstetricians and gynecologists in Chennai. She has over 11+ years of experience and has helped several women navigate their pregnancies smoothly and give birth to healthy babies.
She is known for her empathetic and understanding approach to patients’ concerns and does her best to ensure you have a safe, comfortable, and normal delivery.
Dr. Rukkayal Fathima

100% success rate

Experience & expertise

Dr. Rukkayal has ample experience working as a consultant gynecologist and obstetrician with several hospitals and medical institutions. Here is a short list of the institutions she has worked in her career.
Dr. Rukkayal is also the Co-Founder and Director of The Hive Fertility Clinic & Women’s Centre, one of the best fertility centres in and around Chennai. The hospital is equipped with the latest technology equipment and expert doctors who can give you the best and safest normal delivery experience.

What Patients Say About Our Gynecologist Rukkayal Fathima

Treat Your Fertility Issues & Get Your Two Pink Lines

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Frequently Asked Questions
If you are nearing your delivery date, you can look for some signs to understand when your labor is starting.
  • Slight contractions or tightenings that keep increasing in intensity.
  • Your water breaking An urge to use the toilet.
  • This happens when your baby’s head is pressing on your bowel.
You will normally have occasional contractions during your pregnancy. However, if the contractions increase in frequency and last more than a minute each time, it can indicate the onset of labor. You should go to the hospital immediately in that case.

Here are some pain relief options you can follow to reduce labor pain:

  • Listen to some music to distract yourself
  • Use cold or hot packs
  • Do some light massage
  • Take warm shower
  • Keep moving

Follow these effective post-recovery tips to recover quickly from a normal delivery:

  • Drink more water
  • Avoid stairs of rigorous physical activity for some days
  • Don’t take a bath or submerge in water till your doctor says otherwise. This might cause infections.

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