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Dr. Rukkayal Fathima MBBS MS (OBG), MRCOG (UK), FRM (Kiels University)

Pregnancy is an important phase of your life. You will need an expert obstetrician to guide you through this phase and ensure your and your baby’s health and safety.

Dr. Rukkayal is a well-experienced obstetrician with vast experience in pregnancy care. Dr. Rukkayal is one of the Co-Founders and Directors of The Hive Fertility Clinic, a chain of hi-tech fertility centers spanning in and around Chennai.

With immense passion for her work and patients, Dr. Rukkayal has guided several women to navigate pregnancy and give birth to healthy babies through normal delivery. She has helped people overcome their issues and have a safe, normal delivery without complications.

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Importance of Finding the Best Obstetrician

Pregnancy is a difficult journey and a great responsibility. During this period, you must take care of your body and baby. Consulting an obstetrician and having them support you can ensure a smooth pregnancy without any complications.

An obstetrician is a doctor who specializes in pregnancy care and knows all the details about what women should and should not do during their pregnancy. With the right and trustworthy obstetrician by your side, you can get answers to all your questions and have a worry-free and safe pregnancy.

Factors to consider when choosing the Best Obstetrician in Chennai

There are many obstetricians who provide expert services to their patients for their patients. This might make you confused over who to choose as your obstetrician during your pregnancy.

To make things easier for you, here are some important factors you should consider when you are looking for an obstetrician.

1. Doctor's Qualifications and Expertise

When looking for an obstetrician, ensure you choose the best obstetrician in your area. Check the doctor’s qualifications and their expertise in the field.

You can look into the doctor’s past patient reviews and see what they say about their services. You can also discuss with other women who have been pregnant and get their suggestions on some best obstetricians to consult.

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2. Clinic's Reputation and Success Rates

Apart from the doctor, their clinic’s reputation and success rate are also important to consider when choosing your obstetrician. Check into their past patient reviews, how well they are, their success rate, and other factors before deciding on the doctor.

3. Patient Care and Support

Not only the doctor, but you should also look into the support team of the clinic to ensure you have the best obstetric care during your pregnancy. You might get several emergencies during your pregnancy. So you need to choose an obstetrician who is easily accessible and gives full support during emergencies.

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Why Choose me as Best Obstetrician

With expert knowledge in gynecology and an empathetic approach towards her patients, Dr. Rukkayal is the doctor you need to consult regarding all your gynecological problems.

  • Expert care and support during your pregnancy
  • High-quality & hygienic services
  • Highly reputed gynecologist with a high success rate of 98%
    Hi-tech advanced technology equipment to provide the quality treatment you deserve

Realize Your Dream of a Natural Delivery with Dr. Rukkayal Fathima. Your Expert Partner for a Safe and Joyful Motherhood Journey!

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There is not much of a difference between a gynecologist and an obstetrician. Both deal with female reproductive cases. While a gynecologist deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and care of female reproductive issues, an obstetrician specializes in maternity and pregnancy care.

Pregnancy is a difficult journey, and it is important you have someone who has experience in this and gives you the right care and instructions to go through it safely and healthily. Here are some factors you should look for when choosing an obstetrician.

  • Their qualifications and expertise
  • Their clinic’s reputation
  • The doctor and their clinic’s success rate
  • Their patient care and support

As you know, an obstetrician is a doctor who specializes in guiding and taking care of women during their pregnancy. If you are pregnant, it is important for you to understand what you can and cannot do and navigate the journey safely. An obstetrician will guide you through your pregnancy and ensure you and your baby are safe throughout the period.

Yes, if you are not comfortable with your present obstetrician, you can change them and choose one that suits you. However, it may be difficult as it will take time to find the right obstetrician for you.

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