Age and infertility are not an issue anymore!

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Age And Infertility Are Not An Issue Anymore!
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In today’s modern society, fertility is becoming a growing issue among many men and women. Their lifestyle or any other genetic disorders can cause them to become infertile at a young age and unable to have children. 

Some people might also wish to delay having children for the time being. Fertility preservation can come as an aid to people with these issues.

People concerned about their fertility or have other issues can choose to store their eggs (oocyte), sperm, embryo, and reproductive.

You can always seek fertility doctors’ advice for further steps.


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Sperm Freezing

Sperm freezing

Healthy sperm is collected, tested, and frozen for future use

Sperm freezing is the most successful method for storing a man’s sperm who wish to preserve it for later use. Men with fertility issues or health problems can choose to freeze their sperm and use it later.

Before being stored, the collected sperm sample will be tested for any defects or infections that may spread to the child. The embryo developed from frozen sperm will be just as healthy as an embryo created using fresh sperm.

 One of the advantages of sperm freezing is that all the sperm need not be thawed and used in one go. You can use them multiple times. The frozen sperm can also be donated to other people with fertility issues or same-sex female couples. This is called sperm banking.

Oocyte freezing

Mature, unfertilised eggs are retrieved from ovaries and frozen for future use

Oocyte (egg) cryopreservation is the method of freezing a woman’s egg for future use. Mature eggs are collected from the ovaries and stored under extremely cold temperatures. These unfertilised frozen eggs can be thawed and combined with sperm and implanted into the uterus in the future (IVF).

This method benefits women who are not ready to get pregnant but have concerns about fertility issues at a later age. Women will be given fertility drugs (ovulation induction) to make them ovulate so that multiple eggs can be retrieved in one go. Unlike embryo freezing, oocyte freezing does not need sperm since the eggs are stored before fertilisation

Oocyte freezing

Who can undergo fertility preservation?


People can choose to delay having children for a later age. These people usually fear using fertility issues in the future and choose to store their eggs or sperm for later use.


The chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and other surgeries done during cancer treatment can affect a person’s fertility. They can preserve their fertility and save them for future use.

Autoimmune diseases

People affected by diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis can preserve their fertility.

Reproductive health conditions

Women with endometriosis and uterine fibroids will have difficulties becoming pregnant. They can choose egg or embryo freezing and use it after they are cured.

Benefits of My Consultation or Treatment


High success rate

Assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF, ICSI, and IUI.

High-Tech Equipment And

Hi-tech equipment

Hi-tech equipment for assistant reproduction and cryopreservation procedures.

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Meticulous treatment

Expert care and counselling increase your chances of havinga healthy baby.

Frequently asked questions

Theoretically, frozen sperm can be stored indefinitely and used in the future. In India, the standard time for storing sperm is 10 years, but it can be extended up to 55 years based on the condition of the sperm.

Yes, using frozen sperm gives you the same results as using fresh sperm in IVF treatment. If the quality of the sperm is good, both frozen and fresh sperm will lead to successful pregnancies.

When it comes to sperm, the collected sperm are placed into a special freezing solution in small vials and stored in freezers containing liquid nitrogen. A constant temperature of minus 196 degrees centigrade has to be maintained.

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