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Fertility problems are common nowadays. Many couples cannot bring the child into their lives due to infertility problems. 

This is when fertility specialists come into the scene. When couples struggle with infertility, their first option is often to try the best IUI treatment in Chennai for the expected outcome.

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What do we do in IUI?

IUI treatment, or intrauterine insemination, is a common fertility treatment for couples struggling to conceive. It is also called artificial insemination or donor insemination when people use sperm from a person who isn’t the birth parent’s partner(DI).

It gives hope to childless parents to achieve their dream of parenthood. It is a simple procedure that involves placing sperm directly into a woman’s uterus through a catheter.

By using this method, the sperm can bypass any potential blockages that may be preventing them from reaching the egg. The entire process is meant to increase the number of sperm in the fallopian tube and the chances of fertilisation. IUI is a relatively inexpensive and low-risk fertility treatment that can give couples a chance to conceive.

During the procedure, a doctor will use a thin catheter to place sperm directly into the uterus. This treatment is usually done at the time of ovulation when the egg is most likely to be fertilised. The success rate of IUI treatment depends largely on the couple’s fertility issues.

When Is IUI Treatment Recommended?

Couples experiencing trouble conceiving naturally are advised to undergo IUI treatment. It is a painless, safe process in a IUI doctor’s office and includes injecting sperm that has been specifically prepared right into a woman’s uterus.

Couples who have been trying to conceive for at least six months without success are frequently advised to attempt IUI treatment. Couples diagnosed with male factor infertility, in which the man has a low sperm count, poor sperm motility, or poor sperm morphology, are also advised to undergo surgery.

IUI treatment can also benefit couples who experience unexplained infertility or who have a female partner with endometriosis.


Success Rate of IUI


When a couple struggles with infertility, their first option is often to try an IUI treatment. IUI is a relatively simple and inexpensive procedure with a surprisingly high success rate.

This procedure involves inserting washed and concentrated sperm directly into the uterus, where it is more likely to fertilise an egg successfully. This process increases the chances of conception, as the sperm can bypass the cervix and go directly to the fallopian tubes.

The success rate of IUI treatment varies depending on the couple’s age and other factors, such as their overall health and the type of infertility they are dealing with. Generally, the IUI success rate is between 7% to 10% per cycle.


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How Is IUI Done?

IUI treatment is often done to help couples struggling to conceive naturally. The procedure begins with a consultation between the couple and the IUI doctor. The IUI doctor will review medical histories and discuss the couple’s medications.

After the consultation, the first step of the IUI process is for the doctor to perform an ultrasound to check the woman’s uterus and ovaries. This IUI treatment is a painless one.

This helps to ensure that the uterus is healthy and that the ovaries produce mature eggs. The next step is to prepare the sperm. This is done through a series of processes, including washing, concentration, and preparation of the sperm sample.

Once The Ultrasound Is Complete, The IUI Doctor Will Collect A Semen Sample From The Male Partner. The Sperm Is Then Washed And Prepared For The Insemination Procedure.

What are the risks involved in IUI treatment?

one of the most common risks associated with IUI treatment is the risk of multiple births. This occurs when more than one embryo is implanted into the uterus during the procedure. 

Multiple births can be dangerous for both the mother and the babies, increasing the risk of preterm birth and other health complications. An infection may result, and the catheter used to place the sperm may cause vaginal spotting, but the pregnancy will not be affected.


Who is eligible for IUI?

It is important to understand the eligibility criteria before beginning the IUI treatment. The first criterion is that the woman should be under 35, as fertility decreases with age.

Additionally, the woman should not have any major health problems, such as diabetes or heart disease, since these can interfere with the procedure's success.
The couple should also have been trying to conceive for at least a year, as IUI treatment is usually recommended for those who have been unsuccessful in conceiving naturally.

Why is IUI treatment done?

IUI treatment is commonly used with other treatments, such as ovulation induction and medicines, to increase the chance of conception. It is also employed in cases of male factor infertility when the fallopian tubes may be blocked, or the sperm may not be able to reach them.

IUI treatment can be the sole option in some situations to successfully become pregnant. Another reason why IUI treatment is done is to avoid the risks associated with other fertility treatments.

As you read, IUI treatment is an essential part of infertility treatment, as it is a simple and cost-effective way to help couples achieve their goal of having a child. It is a safe and natural process that does not require expensive medications or complicated surgical procedures.

Moreover, IUI treatment can be used in conjunction with other fertility treatments to further increase the chances of success. Ultimately, IUI can help to build a strong foundation for a healthy and successful pregnancy.


Benefits of IUI Treatment

The benefits of IUI treatment are included,

  • Less stress on the body
  • Washing procedures improve sperm quality by removing prostaglandins, infectious agents, immature germ cells and other pollutants, resulting in more pure sperm.
  • It is less intrusive.
  • Less expensive compared to IVF and ICSI.

Why choose me?

if you consider IUI a fertility treatment option, I can provide you with the best care and guidance. My expertise in the field of IUI, combined with my commitment to providing quality care and support, makes me the perfect choice for anyone seeking IUI treatment. With my personalised approach, I am confident I can help you achieve a successful outcome.

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frequently asked question:

As You Know, Insemination Takes Place During Ovulation. Consequently, A Positive Pregnancy Test Takes Approximately Two Weeks To Determine Whether The IUI Treatment Has Been Successful.

Typically Women Have A 10 – 20 Percent Chance Of Getting Pregnant With Each Cycle. It Is Like The More Cycle You Go Through, The Possibilities Are Nearly Close To Getting Conceived.

IUI Procedure Is An Effortless Process, Which Is Why Patients Do Not Even Need Pain Medication During Treatment. Occasionally, Patients May Feel Pinching And Cramping When The Catheter Passes Through The Cervix.

It Is Not A Very Expensive Treatment. In India, IUI Costs Approximately 15000 INR, Which Includes All Tests And Medications.

It Is Preferable To Get Conceived Under 35 Using IUI Treatment, And The Success Rate Is 20%. When You Reach 35 But Are Under 40, Your Chances Decrease Gradually. After That, The Chances Of Getting Pregnant Are Reduced To 2-5%.

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