Can A Woman With Blocked Fallopian Tubes Get Pregnant

Fallopian Tubes Get Pregnant
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There are many factors that should be considered when you want to get pregnant successfully. One such factor is the health and condition of your fallopian tubes.

Your fallopian tubes play an essential role in your ability to get pregnant, as this is where fertilization occurs. Any abnormalities in the fallopian tube can prevent the sperm from reaching the egg and reduce the chances of fertilization and pregnancy.

One such complication that can prevent fertilization is a blocked fallopian tube. In this article, we’ll look at the effects of blocked fallopian tubes on fertility and the tips one can follow to get pregnant even with this condition.

Blocked Fallopian Tube Effects on Fertility

Fertility is the ability of the sperm to fertilize the egg and result in a successful pregnancy. And the sperm can only fertilize the egg if it can reach the egg in the fallopian tubes.

A blocked fallopian tube can restrict the sperm from reaching the egg and make it difficult for you to get pregnant. This can lead to infertility. You can consult a fertility doctor to treat your blockage before trying to get pregnant.

Possibilities of Getting Pregnant With a Blocked Fallopian Tube

Though a blocked fallopian tube seems like a serious issue, there is a possibility of getting pregnant despite having this issue. Here are some circumstances when pregnancy is possible.

1. You have only one blocked fallopian tube

Thankfully, your reproductive system has two fallopian tubes that release mature eggs. So, even if one fallopian tube is blocked, there are chances of pregnancy if you have sexual intercourse when your other fallopian tube has a mature egg.

2. You have partially blocked fallopian tubes

Your fallopian tube is the passage sperm should cross to reach the egg. The sperm can reach the egg if the tube is only partially blocked. However, it increases the chances of ectopic pregnancy if the fertilized egg can’t pass the fallopian tube and reach the uterus.

3. You undergo surgery to remove the blockage

You can undergo surgical procedures like tubal cannulation or salpingostomy to remove fallopian tube blockages and help you get pregnant.

4. You undergo fertility treatments

You don’t have to worry about not getting pregnant if you have a blocked tube. You can visit a fertility doctor and opt for fertility treatments like IVF (In vitro fertilization) to get pregnant.

IVF is an assisted reproductive technology where the sperm and egg are collected from the couple and fertilized in the laboratory. This procedure completely bypasses the need for fallopian tubes for fertilization. So, it is one of the best fertility treatments if you have blocked fallopian tubes.

Tips to Get Pregnant With a Blocked Tube

Want to get pregnant despite having a blocked fallopian tube? Below are some tips you can follow for a healthy and successful pregnancy.

Know about the signs and symptoms

The first step toward treating the issue is understanding its signs and symptoms. The earlier you identify the issue, the higher your chances of treating it.

The most common side effect of blocked fallopian tubes is constant stomach pain. Though stomach pain can be due to various reasons, it is best to consult a doctor and diagnose the cause before it leads to serious complications.

Know the importance of fallopian tubes in pregnancy

Most women don’t realize the importance of fallopian tubes in pregnancy and neglect the issue. Fallopian tubes are where fertilization occurs, and the fertilized egg needs to pass through them to reach the uterus for implantation.

Understanding its importance can help you understand the gravity of the issue and act faster.

Understand your situation

Understanding the cause and severity of your issue can help you determine the best treatment option to rectify the issue. A pelvic X-ray and HSG (Hysterosalpingography) can help you understand the condition of your fallopian tubes better.

Consult a fertility doctor

There is no better person to help you understand the issue than a fertility doctor. Blocked fallopian tubes are one of the major causes of infertility. A fertility doctor can help diagnose the root cause of the issue, provide the best treatment options to cure it, and help you get pregnant.


Infertility can be caused by various issues, and a blocked fallopian tube is one of them. You don’t need to worry too much about this issue. Technology has advanced, and there are a lot of methods one can use to overcome the issue and get pregnant.

Visit a fertility doctor and undergo the necessary tests to understand your issue and undergo the recommended treatments.


IUI is usually not the recommended fertility treatment if you have a blocked fallopian tube, as the injected sperm won’t be able to travel through the fallopian tubes. However, if you only have one blocked fallopian tube, undergoing IUI can be a better choice to get pregnant.

Normally, a blocked fallopian tube does not affect your menstrual cycle. However, it might cause irregular periods in some women. It is best to consult a doctor and diagnose the cause if you have irregular menstrual cycles.

You can undergo surgeries like tubal cannulation or salpingostomy to remove the blockages and get pregnant. If they don’t help you get pregnant, you can opt for fertility treatments like IVF, where fertilization occurs in a laboratory instead of the fallopian tubes.

It is possible to get pregnant naturally if you have a partially blocked fallopian tube or blockage in only one fallopian tube. Though the chances are low, you can get pregnant if the ovary releases a mature egg monthly and the sperm reaches the egg.

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