7 Steps To Getting Pregnant With Blocked Fallopian Tubes

7 Steps To Getting Pregnant With Blocked Fallopian Tubes
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Having a blocked fallopian tube can be a serious problem while trying to get pregnant. After sexual intercourse, your partner’s sperm has to travel through the fallopian tube to reach the egg. If there is a blockage, the sperm can’t reach its destination, and fertilization won’t happen. 

However, this does not mean that there is no chance of pregnancy. There are some methods you can follow to ensure you have a successful pregnancy despite having a blocked fallopian tube

Let’s look at seven of those methods below. 

What Are The 7 Steps To Get Pregnant With Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

1. Consult With A Healthcare Professional

As you might now understand, your fallopian tubes are very important to make pregnancy possible. You might not even be able to identify the cause of your infertility if you do not consult a fertility specialist.

So, if you have been trying for some time to get pregnant and failing, it is best to consult a fertility specialist. They can help you diagnose the issue and give you the required treatment in case of blocked fallopian tubes. 

2. Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery: Understanding Its Role

If you have had tubal ligation surgery in the past, it can also make you infertile. This surgery is done by “tying the tubes” so that fertilization does not occur. 

If you wish to reverse this surgery and be able to get pregnant again, you can undergo a tubal ligation reversal surgery and try for pregnancy. If there are no other complications, you can easily get pregnant soon after recovery.

3. Explore Fertility Treatments Such As IVF

Yes, fallopian tubes are essential for pregnancy. But it does not mean that there is no way to get pregnant without them. Fertility treatments such as IVF and ICSI can bypass the need for a fallopian tube, as fertilization happens outside the body. 

The developed embryo can be directly inserted into the uterus for implantation. In this way best fertility doctor can help you get pregnant even if you have a fallopian tube blockage. Check with the doctor whether you need to undergo these treatments to get pregnant.

4. Lifestyle Changes For Fertility Improvement

Apart from undergoing fertility treatments, you also need to follow certain lifestyle changes to ensure you get the maximum out of your treatments. 

These changes include

  • Maintaining a healthy BMI,
  • Eating a healthy and nutritious diet,
  • Incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet,
  • Avoiding or limiting intake of unhealthy foods like junk, fried, or processed foods,
  • Exercising regularly,
  • Avoiding smoking, drinking, or drugs during your treatments, etc.

5. Tracking Fertility And Ovulation Cycles

Tracking your fertility and ovulation cycles does not necessarily help you with a blocked fallopian tube. However, this can help you understand your ovulation cycles and check if you have any ovulation problems. 

You can also predict your fertility window and time your intercourse or fertility treatments accordingly.

6. Addressing Underlying Health Conditions

Apart from fallopian tube blockages, you should also check if you have any other underlying health conditions that can affect your chances of pregnancy. For example, endometriosis, uterine polyps, adhesions, etc., can also make it difficult to get pregnant. 

Identify these issues, treat them when you treat your fallopian tube blockages, and then undergo the fertility treatment your doctor suggests. This can increase your chances of pregnancy. 

7. Emotional Support And Counseling

Having blocked fallopian tubes and being unable to get pregnant can be depressing. It is best to have your partner and family by your side when you are going through this treatments. 

Having their help and support can help you relieve stress and stay strong. You can also attend counseling sessions with your partner.

Signs And Symptoms Of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

There are no specific signs or symptoms you might experience due to a blocked fallopian tube. The most common sign is infertility, the inability to get pregnant. 

Other common signs and symptoms might include 

  • pelvic pain, especially during menstruation and ovulation,
  • Difficulty during urination, especially if you have PIDs (pelvic inflammatory diseases),
  • Ectopic pregnancy (in case you got pregnant), etc.

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is best to not delay and consult your doctor immediately.


Understand that a blocked fallopian tube will surely make it difficult for you to get pregnant naturally. There are rare cases where women get pregnant, but it might lead to issues like ectopic pregnancies. 

So, it is best to consult your fertility doctor and understand what steps you can take to treat the issue and achieve pregnancy success. So don’t panic and follow your doctor’s guidance. 


Most times, the egg stays in the fallopian tubes and disintegrates if fertilization does not occur. It is then expelled during your menstrual cycle. However if fertilization occurs and the egg can’t reach the uterus, this can lead to ectopic pregnancies.

Yes, if your other fallopian tube is healthy and releases a fertile egg every month, you can very well get pregnant even if one fallopian tube is blocked .

This depends on your specific condition and the severity of your fallopian tube. It is best to consult a fertility doctor to clearly understand what medications you should take to clear fallopian tube blockages.

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Dr. Rukkayal Fathima

Dr Rukkayal Fathima, India's Leading Gynaecologist and the best fertility doctor in Chennai. She has 11+ years of experience and treated 1000+ patients. She finished her M. S., Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the Institute of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Madras Medical College), Chennai. She is a visiting consultant at St. Isabelle Hospital, Motherhood Hospital, Rainbow Hospital & Mehta Hospital. Dr Rukkayal Fathima specialises in Obstetrics care, Early Pregnancy Scan, IVF, ICSI, TESA/Micro TESE, Menopause advice, Gynaecological surgeries and endoscopy. She is a Co-Founder of Hive Fertility, the Best Fertility Center in Chennai.

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