Things to Avoid After IUI

Things to Avoid after IUI
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Infertility can be caused for a number of reasons, and there are different fertility treatments that you can choose to undergo to treat your infertility. IUI(Intrauterine Insemination) is one such infertility treatment.

In this procedure, healthy sperm is collected from the male partner and injected directly into the uterus. This makes it easier for the sperm to swim to the fallopian tube and fertilize the egg.

So, you have chosen to undergo IUI and have completed the insemination procedure. Now, all you need to do is wait for the pregnancy results. Most IUI treatments succeed in making women pregnant.

But do you know that there are some practices that can potentially increase your IUI success rates? In this article, we’ll look into some of the practices so you will know what things you should avoid IUI to increase your chances of pregnancy.

Things to Avoid After IUI

IUI is a highly effective fertility treatment that can help you get pregnant as long as fertilization and implantation occur successfully. Below are some things you should avoid to ensure your IUI cycle is a success.

Strenuous exercise

Avoid engaging in strenuous exercise or physical activities like lifting heavy objects, running, doing too much work, etc. All these can put pressure on your body and cause pain and discomfort. It can also impact the success rates of your IUI cycle.

It is best to rest your body for a few days after IUI. You can instead engage in light exercises or do light household work that can keep you active and, at the same time, doesn’t put too much pressure on your body.

Sleeping position

Your sleeping position can also impact your IUI success rates. Most doctors recommend pregnant women sleep on their side (preferably the left side) and not on their back or front.

Sleeping on your front or back can put pressure on your reproductive organs and decrease blood flow. This can affect implantation rates. Sleeping on your side, however, can increase blood flow and reduce discomfort.

So, avoid sleeping on your front or back and sleep on your side after an IUI procedure.

Sexual intercourse

Most doctors suggest patients avoid sexual intercourse not because it affects IUI rates but to get high-quality sperm for insemination. Abstinating a few days before sperm retrieval can increase the quality and quantity of the sperm. This can ensure a high IUI success rate.

You can have intercourse a few days after IUI when you don’t feel any discomfort after the insemination procedrue.

Exposure to harmful substances

Exposure to harmful chemicals or toxins like pesticides can affect the developing embryo and impact IUI success. It is best to avoid being near these substances after IUI and even during pregnancy.

Wear protective gear like masks and gloves before you handle these substances.


Avoid using any medications other than the ones your fertility doctors prescribed for you. You might have many people coming to you with different suggestions on herbal or other supplements that can increase your chances of success.

These medications could interfere with the fertility medications and affect you or the embryo. Avoid taking these medications without consulting your fertility doctor first.


It is normal for you to feel stress before, during, and after the IUI procedure. But try avoiding it as best as you can. Stress can affect your hormone levels and affect your pregnancy rate.

Try practicing relaxing activities like yoga and meditation to calm your mind and relax your body.

Getting pregnant with multiple fetuses

Multiple pregnancy is one of the complications of IUI pregnancy. Sometimes, when your ovaries don’t produce mature eggs, you will be administered fertility medications to induce ovulation.

These medications stimulate the ovaries and make them produce multiple mature eggs. This might cause multiple pregnancies and lead to serious complications. Always take a pregnancy test to check how many embryos have implanted in the uterus.

Things to Do After IUI Treatment

So far, you have seen what practices you should avoid after an IUI procedure. Below are some practices you should follow after the procedure to increase your chances of success.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

The first and foremost thing you should do while undergoing any fertility treatment is maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can improve your fertility and increase success rates. A healthy lifestyle includes

  • Following a nutritious, well-balanced diet,
  • Doing regular (light) exercises,
  • Avoiding harmful habits like smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.

Follow your doctor’s recommendations

Your doctor understands your body and fertility condition better than anyone else. Always follow your doctor’s recommendations and undergo all the necessary procedures to increase your chances of success.

Always stay hydrated

Always keep your body hydrated. Drink loads of water and avoid carbonated drinks or alcohol that can harm your body.


IUI is a complex procedure, and you need to be mindful of everything you do to increase your success rate after undergoing it. This article should have given you some insights into what you should and shouldn’t do after IUI.

If you still have doubts, you can talk to your doctor and follow certain practices to increase IUI success. Following these practices can potentially increase your chances of pregnancy.


It is best to avoid swimming or submerging too long in water after an IUI procedure. It can increase your chances of contracting an infection and can affect IUI success rates.

Avoid foods like fried or processed foods, junk foods like chips, spicy foods, and carbonated drinks. All these are high in artificial sugars and other substances that can affect your fertility. Instead, include healthy foods like fruits and vegetables in your IUI diet.

Yes, it is safe to travel after IUI. Just ensure you go at optimum speed and do not sit in the same position for too long.

It is best not to move too quickly after an insemination procedure. This is to give sperm time to move up your uterus to the fallopian tubes. You can lie on your back with a pillow under you.

This will elevate your hips and help sperm reach the eggs faster. Stay in this position for 15–20 minutes before you get up.

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