No Period After Egg Retrieval

No Period After Egg Retrieval
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Egg retrieval is an important procedure in IVF. This is the stage where mature eggs are retrieved from the ovaries for fertilization.

If you had a successful embryo transfer and became pregnant, you would not get your period until after childbirth. However, if you have chosen to freeze your eggs or had an IVF failure, you might be wondering when you will get your period.

In this article, we will discuss all about your menstrual cycle after egg retrieval and the factors that influence when you get them. Read till the end to learn more.

No Period After Egg Retrieval: Why Cycle Messed up after Egg Retrieval?

Have you recently undergone your egg retrieval procedure? Then you might be wondering when you will have your period. There are only three circumstances where you wouldn’t get your period after egg retrieval.

1. You had a fresh embryo transfer, and you got pregnant

A fresh embryo transfer is when you transfer the fertilized egg (embryo) into the uterus within three to five days of egg retrieval. If you succeed in becoming pregnant after this, you will naturally not get your period till delivery.

2. You had a fresh embryo transfer but failed to get pregnant

If you had a failed IVF cycle and did not get your period after some days, it might be due to some health issues. Wait for a few days and consult your doctor if you still haven’t gotten your period.

3. You did not undergo embryo transfer and did not get your period

Most women nowadays prefer to freeze their eggs to use them later. This is the best option to preserve their fertility. You should consult your fertility doctor if you did not get your period a few days after egg retrieval.

Period after egg retrieval: when should I expect?

If you had your egg retrieval procedure but did not undergo embryo transfer, you can expect your period to be about two weeks (7 – 10 days) after egg retrieval. Most times, your period will start on your usual date.

However, you do not need to worry too much if your period does not come even after two weeks of egg retrieval. Remember that your body underwent immense hormonal changes during ovulation induction.

These hormones can affect your body and alter your ovulation cycle. Your first period might be unusually heavy and a bit painful.

Your second period will be a bit late after your first period, as this is when the next ovulation after egg retrieval starts. The gap between your first and second cycles will depend on when you ovulate.

If the ovulation is late by 4 days, your period will be 4 days later than your usual monthly cycle. In short, you can expect your second period to be even later than your first period.

Second period after egg retrieval

We saw that the First period after embryo transfer usually takes like 7 to 10 days, Likewise the second period might take anywhere from 4-8 weeks after your egg retrieval.

Irregularity: Your cycle might still be regulating after the hormonal fluctuations from the fertility medications. This can lead to a slightly irregular period in terms of timing and flow.

Flow and cramping: There’s a chance your second period could be heavier or have more cramping than usual. This is again due to your body still getting back to its normal hormonal balance.

Does your period change after egg retrieval?

Yes, your period might undergo some changes after egg retrieval. This is mainly due to the fertility medications you take during the ovulation induction procedure.

Before egg retrieval, you will be given hormonal injections to stimulate your ovaries to produce more eggs. These injections can affect your body’s hormone levels and affect your normal menstrual cycle.

Some changes your period may undergo are:

  • Your first two periods may be heavier than usual.
  • Your menstrual cycle may be delayed a few days and altered from the usual date.
  • Your period may be more painful than normal.
  • You might experience irregular periods for the first two to three months after egg retrieval.

These changes are normal and only last a few months.

Factors that Affect when your period will return after egg retrieval

As discussed above, there are some factors that can affect when you will get your menstruation after egg retrieval. Below are some of those factors.


The fertility medication you take during ovulation induction can alter your hormonal balance and affect your normal menstrual cycles. You might experience delayed and irregular periods.


You need to follow a healthy diet to be energetic during the procedure. A poor diet can affect your body and alter your menstrual cycles.


Poor lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking, sedentary lifestyle, can affect your hormone levels, too, and delay your periods after egg retrieval.


You will undergo a lot of physical and emotional stress during the IVF treatment. Stress can affect your hormone balance and cause delayed periods.

Seeking Medical Attention for Irregular Periods after Egg Retrieval

You can expect your menstrual cycle to start after about 2 weeks after egg retrieval. The first period will be heavy and painful. Your second period may be delayed due to ovulation issues.

However, if you don’t get periods even after 2 or 3 weeks of egg retrieval or experience irregular periods, it is best to consult a Gynecologist and diagnose if you have any serious complications.

The Menstrual Cycle and Fertility Treatments

Your menstrual cycle and fertility treatments are closely related to each other. Your fertility doctor manipulates your menstrual cycle to stimulate your ovaries for either IUI or IVF.

Your regular menstrual cycle will be affected, and you might notice some changes in the dates when you get your periods. But this is not a cause of concern.

Also, don’t compare your menstrual cycle duration with other women. Every woman is different, and your fertility and health condition will also differ. So, be patient and try to understand your menstrual cycle changes.

Period After Egg Retrieval

After egg retrieval, your normal menstrual cycle takes a temporary break due to the hormonal medications used to stimulate egg production. This means ovulation won’t occur, and consequently, you won’t get a period until your body’s hormonal levels regulate again. Typically, your period returns within 7-14 days of the procedure.

However, it might be heavier than usual because of hormonal fluctuations. If your period hasn’t arrived within two weeks, it is advisable to consult a fertility doctor who can help you rule out other possibilities and determine if it could be a sign of pregnancy.


The time it takes for you to get your period after egg retrieval depends on your fertility and hormones. Don’t panic if you don’t get your period on your usual date.

Wait for a few days or contact your doctor to understand the issue. If any health condition was diagnosed, discuss it with your doctor and treat it immediately.


If you had your egg retrieval procedure but did not undergo embryo transfer, you can expect your period to be about two weeks (10–14 days) after egg retrieval. Most times, your period will start on your usual date.

Yes, your first period after an egg retrieval procedure will be heavier and more painful than your usual periods. This is normal, and your period will return to normal after a few cycles.

No, contrary to popular belief, egg retrieval does not affect the number of eggs you have in your ovaries. The hormone injections only mature the eggs that have already been reserved to mature for that particular month.

OHSS is a condition where the ovaries react excessively to hormone injections. This causes them to become enlarged and painful. This is a serious condition and must be treated immediately.

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