Sex after egg retrieval

Intercourse After Egg Retrieval
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Among all the questions couples might have regarding the dos and don’ts after egg retrieval, sexual intercourse is something that many couples ask their doctors.

Fertility treatments can be a stressful and emotional journey. Having some together time with your partner can help you relax and reassure you that you are there for each other.

So, when will it be okay to have sex after egg retrieval? We’ll look into it in detail in this article. Read this before you start rolling in the sheets with your partner.

Sex After Egg Retrieval

Why no sex after egg retrieval?

Sexual intercourse is usually not recommended for a few days after egg retrieval. To better understand why it is not advised to have sex immediately after egg retrieval, you should first understand its process.

Egg retrieval is a procedure in IVF where mature egg follicles are collected from the ovaries. A catheter containing a thin needle is inserted into the vagina to pierce the ovarian wall and collect the eggs.

Your ovaries will be swollen and weak after all the fertility medications and the egg retrieval procedure. Your vagina and cervix will also be sore and weak after egg retrieval. Having sex immediately after egg retrieval can affect these organs and be painful.

When Is it possible to have intercourse after egg retrieval?

Doctors usually recommend couples wait for at least 5 to 7 days before having sex after egg retrieval. This gap will give your ovaries and vagina time to recover from the procedure.

If you feel sore even after a week, you can wait for another week to have sex. Know that it is based on your recovery speed, and you can resume your sexual activity if you feel like you have recovered and feel no pain.

Precautions to take before having sex after egg retrieval

Though it is considered safe for you to have sex with your partner after the recommended waiting period, there are chances of issues arising if your body is not yet ready for it. Follow the below precautions to ensure safe and uncomplicated sexual intercourse.

1. Avoid vigorous sexual activity. It is normal for you to feel excited after not being together for some weeks. However, it is best to start slow to avoid discomfort and pain.

2. Sometimes, you might have undergone egg retrieval to just freeze your eggs and not become pregnant. In such cases, you can use a contraceptive to avoid pregnancy.

3. You can use a barrier type of contraceptive, like condoms, instead of hormonal birth control pills, as they can interfere with your fertility medications.

4. Watch out for any infections or irritation in your private areas. Check for fever, pelvic pain, or abnormal discharge in your vagina. Consult your IVF doctor if you experience any of these signs.


Egg retrieval can be a painful and tiring procedure. Though you will be under anesthesia during the procedure, you might feel sore and weak for some days after the procedure.

Avoid any type of strenuous activities, not just sex, for a few days after the procedure. It is best to ask your ivf doctor and clear any doubts you might have.


Yes, you will be given general anesthesia and will be unconscious during the procedure. Even after the procedure, you might still be under the effects of the anesthesia for about 24 hours. It is best to stay in bed and rest for some time.

One of the major complications of ovulation induction is OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome). OHSS occurs when your ovaries overreact to fertility medications. It can cause the ovaries to swell, causing pain, bloating, and nausea.

Your ovaries may take a few weeks to return to normal size. Let your fertility doctor know if your bloating and pain worsen in the 7-10 days following your retrieval. You can resume normal activity the day after your operation if you can tolerate the pain.

Below are some activities that you should avoid after egg retrieval.

  • Avoid using tampons. Use sanitary napkins.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for a few days after egg retrieval.
  • Avoid bathing in tubs and swimming pools (this can cause vaginal infections).
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