Fruits To Avoid After Embryo Transfer

fruits to avoid after embryo transfer
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Embryo transfer is the last and most important stage of the IVF treatment. After all your hardships during the treatment, the success of your embryo transfer is what decides whether you can get pregnant or not. 

There are many dos and don’ts after embryo transfer that you should follow to ensure you have a successful pregnancy. This also includes the fruits you eat after embryo transfer. 

In this article, we will look in detail into the fruits you should definitely avoid after embryo transfer. This can help you be aware and stay away from them for a successful IVF procedure.

What Are The Fruits To Avoid After Embryo Transfer?

Though most fruits are healthy and generally not harmful to your health, there are some fruits that are not a good choice to have after embryo transfer. Though it is fine to take them occasionally in very small amounts, excess consumption can lead to serious issues and can sometimes lead to IVF failure. 

Let’s look at some of those fruits below. 


Pineapples have a high amount of bromelain, an enzyme that has blood-thinning properties. This can lead to insufficient supply of blood to your uterus and can affect embryo implantation. 

Bromelain level is high in the core of the fruits. So, if you wish to have pineapples after embryo transfer, consume only the outer and middle layer and only only consume very little amounts of the fruit. 


Raw or unripe papayas are high in the enzyme papain. These enzymes are known to induce uterine contractions. Many women eat raw papayas to induce periods

So, consuming papayas after embryo transfer can cause uterine contractions and affect embryo implantation. 


Grapes, especially black and red grapes (dark-colored grapes), contain a compound called resveratrol. This compound is said to have inflammatory properties that can interfere with embryo implantation. 


Bananas are not that dangerous and can be considered a good addition to your post-embryo transfer diet. However, it must be taken in moderation. 

Bananas are high in natural sugars. This can cause sudden blood sugar spikes that can affect implantation and embryo development. Bananas can also cause bloating and gas, making you uncomfortable after embryo transfer. So, take them in moderation.


Watermelons are high in water content and are easily one of the best fruits to hydrate and refresh your body. However, high consumption of the fruit can also cause bloating and gas, which can cause discomfort after embryo transfer.



There are two reasons why date should be avoided after embryo transfer. One, dates are high in oxytocin, a compound that can stimulate uterine contractions and affect embryo implantation. 

Second, dates are also rich in iron, and overconsumption can increase your body’s core temperature, decreasing your chances of a successful implantation.


Mangoes are one of the heat-inducing fruits. Excess consumption of mangoes can induce body heat and affect implantation. Mangoes are also highly laxative, as they contain sorbitol, a laxative sugar. 

This can cause loose motions and decrease fluid content in your body, affecting chances of implantation and pregnancy.


Kiwis are high in Vitamin C. while good for your body if taken in limited amounts. However, high intake can lead to issues like dehydration. This is because Vitamin C is diuretic, which means it can increase the frequency of urination. 

If you don’t balance this out with enough fluid intake, you will easily lose body fluids, causing dehydration, which is not good after embryo transfer.


Like mangoes, peaches also contain sorbitol, a laxative sugar, and have laxative properties. Excess consumption can increase bowel movements and cause diarrhea and dehydration. This can reduce fluid levels in your body and affect implantation. 


There is no issue with taking limited amounts of lemons after embryo transfer. The main concern with lemons is their high citric content. They can potentially cause heartburn, acidity, and discomfort, which can affect your IVF success rates. 


The fruits discussed above are some of the most common ones that you need to avoid after embryo transfer. However, most of these fruits are only harmful if you have them in excess. So, eat them in moderation and add a diverse variety of healthy foods to your post-embryo transfer diet. 

If you have any doubts regarding the issue, you can consult your fertility doctor and clear your doubts. This is better than not knowing what to do and eating the wrong foods that can affect your pregnancy. 


Yes, you can eat apples after embryo transfer. Apples are rich in fiber, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. They are also easy to digest and won’t cause any digestion problems. 


Watermelons are high in water content and are easily one of the best fruits to hydrate and refresh your body. However, high consumption of the fruit can also cause bloating and gas, which can cause discomfort after embryo transfer.

Any foods that can cause digestion issues and other issues like inflammation and discomfort should be avoided. This mainly involves

  • Junk and processed foods,
  • Fried foods,
  • Excess caffeine foods or drinks,
  • Uncooked or partially cooked foods,
  • Excess sugary foods, etc. 
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