Which type of IVF is best?

Which type of IVF is best
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After a long warrior, you are here now!!! Congratulations on choosing the IVF treatment, this can help to achieve your dream.   Now, you are confused about which type of IVF is the best. 

By choosing IVF, some factors can be considered which include the individual concerned, and rates of success.  Most couples prioritize emotional and financial concerns. 

In this article, you can see about the best type of IVF treatment and the factors included in choosing In-Vitro Fertilization.  This can help you in selecting the type of treatment. 

Which type of IVF is best?

Choosing the option is preferred by the doctor, after assessing your body. The experienced doctor must know the kind of treatment that suits you. They were already in the field, so the specialist could recommend the best treatment only. 

Remember, this treatment is the best one it may not say!!! but fertility specialists have already treated many patients with expertise in the field. 

There are different types of IVF treatments listed below, conventional IVF,  ICSI, Mini IVF treatment, Natural cycle, Frozen embryo, and Donor egg. Among these one can suit you, which depends on some factors. 

Conventional IVF

This can be highly recommended, it is similar to the natural process of conception. It is the process where eggs are removed from the ovaries, and one sperm is considered the best healthy sperm.   

The aim is to retrieve the egg are combine it with the sperm in In-vitro to reach fertilization. Before they are implanted into the uterus, the eggs become divided into three to five days after successful fertilization. 

Best for

  • It is the best choice for women with damaged fallopian tubes and men with severe infertility

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

In the ICSI process, your specialist will directly insert the semen sample into the egg to increase the rate of chances of fertilization.  Your doctor can have an experience in this by inserting the best or superior sample.  

Once the sample is fertilized into the egg, it will start to grow by itself and become divided into three to five days.  Then the fertilized egg is directly implanted into your uterus. 

Best for

  • Easy fertilizing process 
  • Choosing semen is the key 
  • Ensure your sperm sample is hygienic and good enough for the process. 

Mini IVF (Minimal Stimulation IVF)

Mini IVF is the traditional treatment, where minimum stimulation where used which results in fewer egg releases.   This treatment can also be called gentle IVF, which means less medication is required. 

Best for

  • If you have a lower egg reserve in the ovaries, this might help you. 
  • If you have ovarian syndrome also may help you. 

Natural Cycle IVF

There are no drugs used in the IVF cycle that stimulate pregnancy naturally.  It works with your menstruation cycle to collect the egg that your body selects naturally. 

Best For

  • Every woman who is still ovulating. 
  • If you are looking for IVF naturally to avoid the drugs and injections. 

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

The frozen embryo is directly transferred into the uterus lining.   This allows you to use the embryo that is processed in the previous IVF cycle and is frozen for future pregnancy attempts. 

Only some of the frozen are life in the process, not all.  There may be multiple FET cycles required to achieve the goal. 

Best for

  • Poor egg quality 
  • Higher success rate 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Emotional benefit 

Donor Egg IVF

Couples may prefer the donor egg for IVF since women’s eggs are qualified to get pregnant.  This cannot happen in every life.   All are not some, typically above 40 years of women not getting pregnant can be considered this with their concern only. 

Best For

  • Women who are above 40 years 
  • They are not able to be fertile anymore since no eggs are in reserve. 
  • A previous history of failure with IVF cycles, where your egg may lost its quality completely.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing the Best Type of IVF?

There are several factors you consider before starting an IVF treatment,  you and your partner’s age, sperm quality, egg quality, medication condition, previous medical history, ovarian reserve, BMI, cost, and success rate.  

Choosing the best fertility doctor is the major concern before starting an IVF.  If you are trying to get pregnant, early 30’s is advisable to have better egg quality and reserve. 

Considering your medical condition, which can’t affect the treatment. This helps to choose the type of IVF such as Mini IVF, conventional, natural cycle, or frozen embryo. 

To reach a higher success rate and reduce the cost conventional IVF is advised.  If you are thinking of Mini IVF and FET there may be fewer chances only.


In Mini IVF, even if it is best still there is only a low rate of success, in some cases, multiple cycles are needed.   For choosing the donor egg, there might be some issues that can be faced, there may be any genetic issues that might be passed to your child. 

Selecting a treatment is completely the specific person’s concern.  It is better to consult a fertility specialist nearby who can help with treatment guidance.


Might be.  It depends on the individual body’s situation which may not ensure a higher success rate.  This is the process where the embryos are preserved for future pregnancy. 

To have the best treatment, a fertility doctor must have a proven experience and expertise in endocrinology. Ensure the doctor has more reviews and testimonials with more success rates.

Yes, it includes the age factor of women.  Generally, the success rate of women is higher in ages below 35 years rather than above 35 years.   In this case, the rate of success can increase.

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Dr. Rukkayal Fathima

Dr Rukkayal Fathima, India's Leading Gynaecologist and the best fertility doctor in Chennai. She has 11+ years of experience and treated 1000+ patients. She finished her M. S., Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the Institute of Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Madras Medical College), Chennai. She is a visiting consultant at St. Isabelle Hospital, Motherhood Hospital, Rainbow Hospital & Mehta Hospital. Dr Rukkayal Fathima specialises in Obstetrics care, Early Pregnancy Scan, IVF, ICSI, TESA/Micro TESE, Menopause advice, Gynaecological surgeries and endoscopy. She is a Co-Founder of Hive Fertility, the Best Fertility Center in Chennai.

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