Which egg is good for IVF?

Which egg is good for IVF
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Eggs are crucial in IVF pregnancy, where the number of eggs can be ideal for egg retrieval. To increase the success rate, your doctor will select good-quality embryos for implantation.

They may not be sure that a particular egg has good quality, this includes your health and age factors. On average 10 to 12 eggs are needed to mature enough for fertilization.

This helps to increase the chances of births with at least one normal embryo giving the 65% of conception chances.

Which egg is good for IVF?

IVF pregnancy can increase the chances of pregnancy after implanting the right quality embryo with your specialist’s guidance on medication and treatments. All the eggs are not good, they may lose their quality during the process also if they don’t know how to improve it.

The egg can be taken as its quantity and quality egg plays a major role when choosing for retrieval. Your age is the main concern for the treatment’s success.

Each and every stage is important in the treatment, eggs with the right number of chromosomes and getting a healthy embryo are the concerns.

Characteristics of good egg

If your age is below 30, your eggs are of good quality. Eggs start to diminish and lose their quality after aging. It can be identified through the ovarian reserve test to assess the remaining eggs.

The characteristics of good eggs are listed below for your better understanding if you are seeking IVF success treatment.


Taking the good eggs is one hand, and you need to think about the eggs being matured on the other hand. It should be enough to undergo the fertilization process and subsequent cell division.

It is enough for the egg retrieval process.

Normal Chromosomal

It should be a normal level for the process. If your egg quality is healthy it has 23 chromosomes, and it’s combined with the sperm’s 23 chromosomes helps to create a healthy embryo.

If there is any error in the chromosome, the number can lead to miscarriage or any birth defects.

Healthy Cytoplasm

Your cytoplasm should be good which is present in the egg. It is a jelly-like substance within the egg. This helps to provide the nutrients for early embryo development.

Your egg can be found as healthy when it has smoothy and healthy-looking cytoplasm.

Absence of Damage

Damage can be expected in the process, it occurs due to environmental factors, which impact the egg’s development. It includes the overall health of the egg’s DNA and organelles.

Choose the Best fertility doctor to avoid the damage of the egg. They can assist you in maintaining the egg’s quality.

Adequate Energy Stores

The good egg has its internal stores of nutrients, and it boosts the energy to its growth and division after fertilization. If the eggs are healthy, a sufficient reserve can support the embryo’s development.


In this article, you have seen which kind of egg can be chosen for embryo development. The quality and number of eggs are considered to increase the chances of success.

Your doctor will always prefer good equality for the fertilization process. If the egg is not sufficient for the treatment process, they may suggest the donor eggs after several times of egg retrieval.

Make sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle to attain the IVF success pregnancy.


Your egg quality depends on your age, after 30 years the quality of the egg diminishes due to chromosomal abnormalities. As you age, your egg quality can affect the IVF success rate. This could be treated somehow between 35 years – 40 years

Yes, but it works for certain aged women. Antioxidants can boost fertility. It is filled with a lot of Vitamin C and E. A study says that supplements like omega 3 can improve egg quality.

Using your eggs or donor eggs depends on your medical history and your health condition. On average, If you use your eggs for the treatment the success rate is 35%-43%.

By using the donor eggs, there might be an increase in the success rate of 55%-63% and the variations may depend on the receptivity of the uterus.

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