How many visits are needed for IVF?

How many visits are needed for IVF
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Congratulations, IVF makes your dream come true!!!  You need to ensure continuous visits for the treatment process.   Your doctor advises the period to have a successful conception. 

Each visit is important in the fertility journey.  The fertility specialist, priorly, informs you of the timing of the treatment.  Will understand your emotional concern, is only till the little one. 

In this article, you will know about how many visits are made for the IVF process.  

How many visits are required for IVF treatment?

Generally, after consultation, it will take 5-7 times of visits to ensure your success. During the first visit, you can ask the fertility specialist all your doubts, expectations, and goals. 

It may also go from 5-8 times of visits, it depends on how your body will react to each stage. The goal of the process includes eggs that have to become mature. 

After the ovary is stimulated, the visit gets started to monitor your egg and follicle development. 

Initial visit

In consultation, the doctor will verify both of your medical reports, then the diagnosis will be reviewed.  They will conduct a physical exam and then will discuss the process involved, the side effects, the risks, and the success rates.

After that specialist will suggest some guidelines for the treatment,  and discuss the cost of IVF treatment. They also prefer the treatment option that suits your body.  But, the decision is yours.

Pre-Treatment visit

This visit is made before the treatment starts, your fertility doctor will start with an in-depth discussion of the process and success rates.  They started with deciding on the specific protocols. 

Once you confirm the treatment they will schedule the process, and a discussion is made for logistics like where you come from and how far the hospital is from your home.  

This ensures the medication pick-up and injection training.  

Stimulation Phase visit

This involves multiple visits, which include Blood tests, Ultrasound tests, medication adjustments, and discussion of the side effects. It may take typically 8-14 days of the process to monitor your fertility medications. 

Blood tests are taken to check the hormone levels, and where ultrasound is to monitor the size of the follicle in your ovaries,  medication adjustments are made to boost your fertility.  

For eg: Progesterone is important for pregnancy, if the level is low your doctor prescribes a supplement to increase the progesterone levels. 

Egg retrieval visit

This is the most important visit in the IVF process,  doctors will ask you to visit the clinic with an empty stomach.   It is a procedure that is likely to be a surgical process under anesthesia. 

After analyzing your stomach was empty, with the help of ultrasound a thin needle is inserted into the vagina to retrieve the eggs in your ovaries. 

Embryo transfer visit

A final process in the IVF journey, your visit will be reduced now!!! By performing the ultrasound, your cooperation is needed for visualization. Meanwhile, your bladder needs to be full.

Good embryos are inserted into the cervix and the uterus by using a thin catheter. During this process, embryo quality is highly noticeable.


Several visits involve your emotional support, you need to be stronger and happier to welcome your little one. In the end, your embryo gets implanted into the uterus lining where you visit completed in this stage. 

Your journey is always unique with IVF.The number might differ among the patients, which is not the same for all. Once the successful completion of the process, I hope you will be blessed with a little one. 

The visits may also be depending on the clinic. 


A minimum count is required for 5-7 times you need to visit the fertility center for IVF treatment. 

Yes, couples have to visit the fertility center for each and every visit.  Since the process covers both physical and emotional intelligence.

Might be.  It depends on the cycles also and your health reports.  It may cost for some people and may not for some.  But for successful treatment, you have to spend some amount to have a baby. 

You can discuss with your fertility specialist for the treatment cost. 

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